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Nestlé NAN SupremePro H.A. 3

Interactive Activity Book



Commissioned by Nestlé, the 'Grow Up Amazing & Strong!' picture book was written, illustrated and designed to double up as an interactive children's activity book. It provides and imaginative and unique way of introducing toddlers and mothers to the protective functions of Nestlé NAN SupremePro H.A. 3, and was distributed at their launch.

The traditional way of teaching involves instructions that explain complex information. Our team devised a method of conveying the same concepts using creative and interactive storytelling to capture the imaginations of young readers, whilst immersing them in the basic principles of our body's digestive system.

Conveying complex information to toddlers and parents

The book takes inspiration from individual characteristics that make NAN SupremePro H.A. the milk powder of choice. Posing the SupremePro H.A. as the hero with its playful sidekicks–from the choice of colours to the illustrative style–these were all carefully designed to appeal to young children.

The human digestive system features strongly throughout, and the emphasis is on the functions and purposes of our hero's sidekicks, helping children combat enemies and growing up healthy and strong.

Crafting a simple, engaging story for children

Using short and simple sentences, paired with colourful graphics well-suited for children of ages 1-4, the story brings the reader on a journey of the Supreme Protectors and how they work to support children's immunity and beyond.

An opportunity for off-screen bonding

This beautifully-crafted board book open up to sticker sheets in the centrefold that can be torn off for easy usage. Influenced by classic rhyming books, the playful text in 'Growing Up Amazing & Strong!' was written for parents to read to their children and provides an excellent opportunity for both to share off-screen bonding.

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