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HSBC Nutopia

An Immersive Dining Series



HSBC Private Banking clients in Southeast Asia were brought on a global green journey through Nutopia with an immersive, multi-sensory gastronomical experience.

The journey begins with a boarding pass to embark on H.S. Stephen, the vessel that will bring guests on their new utopian adventure. After guests were seated, they were presented with a menu that serves as a guide for their travel through Nutopia, detailing the significance of each destination as well as the careful selection of ingredients for the experiential dinner.

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Highly immersive and insightful

Across five conceptual courses and chapters that correspond to each course, the menu traces HSBC Bank's journey across the Southeast Asian region to establishing and subsequently expanding into a new utopia – Nutopia.

In doing so, it offers a highly immersive and insightful account of how each country has places efforts into moving towards a better future.

Reflecting the beauty and complexity behind each dish

A typography system was designed to allow the content to be arranged flexibly across the menu and provide structure to the overall design language. Illustration also plays a key role—our team crafted a series of original digital water colour illustrations.

The art is familiar, engaging and uplifting, combining layers of colour to reflect the natural beauty and complexity behind each dish. These are combined with elegant typography and earthy colours to bring to life key components within each course.



The Nutopia menu has been adapted for different countries within the region, and has hosted more than 1,000 guests across Southeast Asia.

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