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Hublot Singapore, Thailand & North America

Mid-autumn Gifting



We worked with the renowned luxury Swiss watchmaker to design and produce an elegant Hublot mid-autumn gifting set to celebrate the festival.

Hublot Mid-autumn Main
Hublot Mid-autumn Greeting Cards

Combining tradition with the Hublot DNA

At the core of the Hublot DNA is the Art of Fusion, where each timepiece fuses unique materials, that are both modern and traditional.

We channeled this together with Hublot's progressive approach to design, and CSR values into the gifting campaign.

To connect with Hublot's core audience, we embraced their core DNA and combined this with the mid-autumn festival's tradition–worshipping the moon goddess Chang'e. We then applied a stylised treatment to the packaging that echoed the brand's identity.

Hublot Mid-autumn Boxes Top View
Hublot Mid-autumn Lantern Top View

Phases and cycles of the moon

The concept of time was paired with modern graphics representing the moon. The end result was a minimal design with innovative features that emphasised the brand's inherent beauty.

Hublot Mid-autumn Boxes Full


Initially proposed for the Singapore market, our mid-autumn packaging concept was also adopted by the Thailand and North American markets. Over 230 units were shipped to Singapore, Bangkok, New York, San Francisco and Toronto.

Hublot Mid-autumn Mooncake and Lantern
Hublot Mid-autumn Lantern and Boxes Full
Hublot Mid-autumn Boxes

Designed with sustainability in mind

With fierce competition against other brands, every touch point of the packaging had to speak to the brand's commitment to sustainability, quality and exclusivity.

The careful selection of materials ensured that over 90% of the Hublot mid-autumn gift was recyclable.

Hublot Mid-autumn Lantern and Boxes
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