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GastroBeats 2022

Good food,
good music,
good vibes.



After a 2-year long hiatus, GastroBeats returned this year as the biggest physical lifestyle event since Covid. Our team set out to break away from the expected neon direction of the previous years, and instead refresh the identity by exposing the thriving artistic essence found in food, music and graffiti that serve as the pillars of this year's festival.

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GastroBeats 2022 Application
GastroBeats 2022 Brand Colours

Shaping the identity

We applied conceptual thinking to fundamental design elements to reflect the rush of vibrance and excitement the festival would bring to a previously dark Covid era.

The combination of the 3 primary colours–red, yellow and blue–represented festival highlights: Culinary Masters collaborations with MasterChef Sarah Todd, live performances and a massive play area featuring graffiti installations and a life-sized food-themed inflatable playground. We integrated these together in a dynamic display that converges and moves as one singular form: GastroBeats.

This intriguing medley provided flexibility and created a sense of dynamism necessary for an identity system that would have to be applied to the huge event space at Bayfront Avenue.

GastroBeats 2022 Food

Versatility and vibrancy

The identity manifests with a vivid colour palette, energetic layouts and a set of graffiti-inspired strokes and scribbles to communicate the theme's versatile messages across the brand.

GastroBeats 2022 Collaterals
GastroBeats 2022 Beer
GastroBeats 2022 Graffiti
GastroBeats 2022 Key Visual
GastroBeats 2022 Entertainment

Cool, friendly and energetic

Targeted toward the masses, the tone of voice was approachable and confident, enticing people with the novelty of outdoor interactivity after 2 years of social restrictions.

GastroBeats 2022 Food Vendors
GastroBeats 2022 Jumptopia
GastroBeats 2022 Brand Guide

Seamless user experience

The GastroBeats website was built on Wix, allowing us to deliver a site that empowered the GastroBeats team to manage and work collaboratively with us. While our team implemented the UX/UI and developed the site, their team were able to make any necessary copy changes concurrently, preventing any unnecessary delays.


The website saw a 33% bounce rate, and a total of 41,800 unique visitors. Throughout the month of June, GastroBeats hosted an estimated 200,000 visitors.

GastroBeats 2022 Culinary Masters Sarah Todd
GastroBeats 2022 Culinary Masters Dish
GastroBeats 2022 Graffight Graffiti
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