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Local For Good National Day Campaign



For our nation's 57th birthday, the DBS Foundation rallied Singaporeans through #LocalForGood, a sustainability-focused campaign that supports home-grown businesses that are on a mission to create positive social and environment impact.

Our challenge was to design a media kit that would not only leave a smaller carbon footprint, but also communicate the campaign's objectives – encourage fellow Singaporeans to explore our little sunny island, while providing a taster selection of Business for Impact products. Designed to reduce waste, the media kits were engineered to be self-closing, sustainable and printed on 100% recycled paper stock.

marketing campaign by eloquence

More Impactful, Together.

Sturdy. Self-closing. Recyclable.
The packaging was designed to eliminate waste, using kerbside recyclable materials that the recipients can re-use.

Reducing waste

All information was printed onto the interior of the box, instead of handing them out in separate printed materials. When the box is laid flat, everything can be seen and understood at a glance.


Local for Good continuously seeks to connect consumers to social enterprises, and encourage them to consume consciously.

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