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Brightside Dental Whitening Clinic

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A bright, beautiful smile can bring confidence and positively impact the way you present yourself but it places low on our list of priorities. In today's busy world, finding the right dentist that makes it convenient for your to receive proper treatment at the right price is part of the challenge.

Brightside Dental Clinic is the only dental whitening specialist located in the prime Central Business District. The clinic transports patients to a dream-like, ethereal place right in the heart of Singapore's financial centre with its iridescent interior and spa-like facilities.

Building on their existing brand identity and name, we created social media creative content targeted towards busy, ambitious working professionals in the CBD. The company wanted a distinctive concept it could truly own, something simple, memorable and clinical, yet cheeky.

Playing off our desires

The ads play off our desires in the corporate world utilising ordinary objects turned extraordinary. The copy is framed as a series of before/after situations that speak to working adults and communicate the clinic's services.

Kick back and relax at the Brightside

Animated ads bring the Brightside to life. Set against the backdrop of the busy financial district, we enter a surreal, beautiful landscape of white teeth.

Targeted towards working professionals

The second ad series play on the corporate jungle. Featuring strong, confident animals dressed for work, the creatives centre on a bright smile set against the opalescent hue of the Brightside branding.


In less than 3 months of its opening, Brightside Dental has garnered more than 25 5-star Google reviews.

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